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10. August 2006
Finally, the pictures of the German Open 2005 are online. It took quite a long time but I hadn´t been in the mood to sit on the computer during the summer finishing photos.

May, the 17th, 2006
The first photos of the German Open 2005 can be seen on the website up to now.That means the weight classes -48 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, +78 kg, -60 kg, -73 kg, -90 kg and +100 kg.

March, the 21th, 2005
The pictures of the judo league with the fight Rüsselsheim versus Wiesbaden from Juli 2005 are online!

February, the 18th, 2006 - Third day of the EC 2005
I´m afraid, but I haven´t had time to work on this wesite for 3 month. That´s the reason why the last photos of the EC 2005 are at the page not until today.

November, the 10th, 2005
Now the pictures of the second day of the Europian Championship 2005 are available. That means the weightclasses under 63 kg, under 70 kg, under 73 kg and under 81 kg. In the database are 2361 pictures.

September, the 24th, 2005
The pictures of the first day of the European championship 2005 are online.

July, the 17th, 2005
The pictures of the judo league from April are ready!

July, the 04th, 2005
With a little delay, the complete pictures of the Otto World Cup are online now.

May, the 19th, 2005
Judo-Photos starts with the first pictures. At the moment there are only the fights of the women from Hamburg 2005 available, but the men will follow soon.